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Below are some of the projects we completed, for various clients.

The Work

Daily Report
Global Sales Model

The Daily Report

Created: April 2011

Daily Report - Overview | Techronology

Overview—The Daily Report is an eCommerce analytics report, designed to help a major cosmetics company analyze their online performance on a daily basis. It took about three months to complete the first version, which included an overview and daily summary. However, we decided to keep the manual data load process, a quick query. After loading the data, the entire report updated automatically. Overall, it took about 15 minutes to update the report, as opposed to 2 hours with the old version. A major productivity enhancement!

Daily Report - Daily Summary | Techronology

Daily Summary—Provides a daily breakdown of their performance. As you see, all sections contain a navigation bar and page selectors. Each user can customize their own view. If I remember correctly, we did not have the Plan column in the first version.

Daily Report - Estimates | Techronology

Estimates—Similar to the daily summary, the daily estimates shows estimates-to-actuals. You see, the plan was set in stone, could not be changed. Therefore, we provided them a way to estimate what they think their performance would be across each day of a particular month.

Daily Report - Trend Analysis | Techronology

Trend Analysis—The Trend Analysis is a visual view of their performance across specific periods of time. Our visual summaries include module selectors. Again, another customization feature. The good part is that you can verify your numbers by selecting the same time frames in the other sections. Talk about data integrity.

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Global Sales Report

Created: September 2016

Global Sales Model | Techronology

The stuff people ask you to do. This was easy and fun. So, this is actually an Excel report of a map with sales figures across six continents. This map updates automatically based on the information on the sheet. Not bad, but we can do better. By the way, if you are making good money in Antartica, let us know. We left out Antartica in this model.

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